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Ian Baldwin, RN, PhD, FACCCN
Melbourne, Vi AUSTRALIA

Professor Ian Baldwin; Introduction Ian is an experienced speaker and presenter from Melbourne, Australia, where he is an Educator for post registration Intensive Care Nursing at the Austin hospital, and has an association with both RMIT and Deakin University as Adjunct Professor. Ian has undertaken many research activities in the field of renal support therapies and has presented on many occasions in Australia, Asia, the United States and Europe, and is a recipient of the Vicenza 'Award' from the IRRIV, Italy in 2018. Ian has completed a Masters and PhD in RRT clinical research, and is a past winner of best paper presentations at the Australian Intensive Care Society meetings. Ian has over 110 publications devoted to CRRT and other research activities in critical care and has authored multiple book chapters for AKI and hemofiltration. Ian is a reviewer for Australian Critical Care, the American Journal of Kidney Diseases,Intensive Care Medicine,and an Associate Editor for Blood Purification.