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Ina Maria Schiessl, PhD
Aarhus, Denmark

Ina Maria Schiessl is a pharmacist, who dedicated her professional career to basic medical research and has been working in the field of renal physiology and pathophysiology since 2011. Her signature approach is serial intravital 2-photon microscopy of the kidney, which is a powerful technique to study renal structure and function simultaneously and over several days in the same living animal. She did her scientific training at the University or Regensburg, Germany and at the University of Southern California, USA, where she studied new mechanisms of renal tissue remodeling and repair. Using serial intravital microscopy of the same renal cells over days, she recently postulated a novel role of renal interstitial cells in tubular regeneration. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark. With her own research program, she aims to broaden our understanding of renal intercellular crosstalk and its relevance in renal tissue remodeling and repair.