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Magdalena Madero, MD
Tlaplan, Me MEXICO

Magdalena Madero, MD, is the Chief of Nephrology at the Instituto Nacional de Cardiología in Mexico City. She was trained in Internal Medicine at St Elisabeth’s Medical Center in Boston, MA, and then underwent her nephrology training at Tufts Medical Center also in Boston, MA. She went back to Mexico City in 2007 where she joined the nephrology staff at Instituto Nacional de Cardilogía and became the Head of the Nephrology Division in 2011. Dr. Madero's research interests include CKD complications and outcomes in addition to the metabolic and renal effects of fructose and uric acid and more recently is interested in CKD of unknown origin. As part of her educational activities she runs one of the largest renal fellowship programs in the country (affiliated to the main National Mexican University [UNAM]) in addition to teaching the nephrology course at the undergraduate Panamerican University medical school. She is the past president of Mexican Institute of Renal Research (IMIN) and currently acts as the International Editor for the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. She has recently joined the KDIGO Executive Committee.