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  Sunday - 1:45-6:00pm and Monday - 7:45am-5:30pm, March 6 & 7, 2022
  (includes Monday lunch and breaks both days)
    Practice Based Learning in CRRT: The Science and the Art

  sponsored by:
  The UAB-UCSD O'Brien Core Center for Kidney Injury Research

  Monday, March 7 (7:55am-5:30pm, includes lunch, breaks)
  AKI & CRRT 2022 registration is not required to attend this symposium.
    Changing Paradigms in Acute Kidney Injury:
                From Mechanisms to Management

     With Post-Conference Online Presentation add $125 Details

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$50 each
Limited to the first 30 delegates per session, includes breakfast. These sessions allow participants to meet and interact with internationally renowned experts in an informal setting over breakfast. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, learn how these experts manage patients, get guidance for projects and network. Choose 1 of 2 sessions on either day.

Tuesday Morning, March 8 - 7:00-8:15am
          ME1 How do I Manage the Patient with Septic AKI
              Claudio Ronco and Peter Pickkers
  Or    ME2  How do I Dose Volume During CRRT?
              Thomas Rimmele and Raghavan Murugan

Wednesday Morning, March 9 - 7:00-8:15am
          ME3  When Do I say No to Offer RRT
              Mitra Nadim and Rajit Basu
  Or    ME4  How do I Manage the Oliguric Patient?
              Jean-Louis Vincent and Kathleen Liu

Thursday Morning, March 10 - 6:45-8:00am
          ME5  Deciding who Needs to Start and Stop RRT
              Stephane Gaudry and Manish Kaushik
  Or    ME6  How do I Assess the Volume Status of My Patient?s
              Kianoush Kashani and Marlies Ostermann

$250 with registration or FREE with conference hotel stay!
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Register online by January 12 and receive a free Multimedia Package when you stay at the Conference Hotel - a $250 value! Please support the AKI & CRRT Conference and make your hotel reservations within the designated Hilton San Diego Bayfront Block. Stay for a minimum of 3 nights and you will get access to the conference Multimedia Package (a post conference review that includes video/audio/slides). This discount is available per room and not per person. Please note that you must also make your hotel reservations within the group room block by January 12 to qualify. Hotel Information and Reservations

These symposia are included with registration but have limited enrollment, RSVPs are required and are made during registration. There are 2 continental breakfast options on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are 4 lunch options on Tuesday and Wednesday. CME is available for all. Non-CME industry sponsored breakfasts and lunches may be added at a later date.

A. Plasma Exchange in Critically Ill Patients: Who, When and How
Amber Sanchez (Moderator)
Esiei Noiri and David Askenazi (Discussants)
Plasma exchange (PE) is increasingly utilized in the ICU with CRRT and other extracorporeal techniques. This symposium will describe the best approaches for applying PE in critically ill patients and explore merging opportunities for managing patients with hybrid therapies

B. Non-Dialytic Management of Complications of AKI
Anitha Vijayan (Moderator)
Stephane Gaudry and Lui Forni (Discussants)
This symposium will cover the pathophysiology and management of hyperkalemia and acidosis in critically ill patients using illustrative cases. Are Ace inhibitors nephrotoxic? What are the newer therapeutic drugs available and how should they be used? Should use bicarbonate to correctacidosi? When is lactic acidois a problem? When and how should RRT be used in these situations?

T1 –Raising Awareness of AKI: Are we There Yet?
           Knowledge and Practice Gaps for AKI Management - Rajit Basu
           The AKI Now Initiative - Jorge Cerda
           Implementing the ISN 0by25 Intervention in the Amazon
              Emmanuel Burdmann

T2 – Personalized Management of Shock: How to use Biomarkers, Vasopresssors and Fluids?
           Phenotypes of Shock: Do We Have Biomarkers? - Jean-Louis Vincent
           Vasopressors for Patients in Shock, Which One to Choose? - Peter Pickkers
           Which Fluids Should We Use? - Marlies Ostermann

T3 – Extracorporeal Organ Support (ECOS) for Multi Organ Failure

              Claudio Ronco
           Hemoperfusion for Burn Patients -
Thomas Rimmele
           ECMO and ECCOR for the Failing Lung -
Keith Willie

T4 – Improving Care for Patients After Hospitalization for AKI
           Role of Comprehensive Care in Post Severe Acute Kidney Injury
- Nattachai Srisawat
           Improving Post-AKI Care – What are the Challenges?- Nick Selby
           Biomarker-enhanced Risk Stratification for Long-term Kidney and
           CV Outcomes
- Steve Coca

C. Innovations in Caring for Patients with Dysnatremias
Marlies Ostermann (Moderator)
Lenar Yessayan and Javier Neyra (Discussants)
Dysnatremias are commonly encountered in ICU patients and are often difficult to manage. This symposium will cover the pathophysiology of hypo and hypernatremia and discuss the practical issues for management of these disorders with novel agents and describe how RRT can be used for severe disorders.

D. Managing AKI in the Patient with Cancer
David Selewski (Moderator)
Mitch Rosner and Shruti Gupta (Discussants)
The number of anticancer drugs are increasingly expanding and commonly cause kidney injury. This symposium will discuss how to prevent drug nephrotoxicity, adjust doses of anticancer medicines and manage patients who develop AKI in the setting cancer therapy.

W1 –Sharpening the Saw: How Optimization of the CRRT Program can Improve Outcomes
           Establishing and Maintaining a Performance Improvement
           Project for RRT
- Manish Kaushik
           Team Based Management of CRRT: It Takes a Village - Theresa Mottes
           Harnessing Multimodal Data Streams to Improve CRRT Delivery
              Javier Neyra

W2 – Optimizing Fluid Management in the ICU: Fit for Purpose?
           Perioperative Fluid Management - John Prowle
           The Patient with COVID-19 ARDS - Michael Joannidis
           Simultaneous Use of Hypertonic Saline and IV Furosemide for
           Fluid Overload
- Kianoush Kashani

W3 –AI and CDSS for AKI and RRT: The Future is Here
           Artificial Intelligence to Augment Care: Are We There Yet?
               Shamim Nemati
           Incorporating Multi-Modal Data to Improve AKI Prediction
               Girish N. Nadkarni
           Designing and Implementing a CDSS for AKI Prevention - Neesh Pannu

W4 – Biomarker Enhanced Management of AKI and RRT
           Biomarker Positive AKI: It is the Real Deal - Dana Fuhrman
           Clinical Expertise, Biomarker or Score for Prediction of AKI? - Eric Hoste
           Embedding Biomarkers in the Clinical Workflow to Improve AKI and RRT
              John Kellum

Additional Non-CME Industry Breakfast and Lunches are available, please Click Here for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the Breakfast and Lunch Symposia listed are included with registration, no additional breakfasts or lunches will be provided.

$45 each
Spiral-bound, 8.5x11 booklet, approx. 180 pages (a complete digital version on usb drive is included with registration.)